Digital Offer Blueprint

When I started helping online businesses with their digital offers I saw a lot of confusion around what you need to include in order to attract your perfect human, get them to buy your thing with little to no objections, and have them raving about it to everyone they know.

It's more than just knowing the name of your offer or who it's for.

And while yes, well-written copy and a nicely formatted page for them to see your offer are both helpful to converting more scrollers into sales --- it is impossible to have either without answering one question super clearly "what are you selling?"

So often a client, copywriter, or designer would come to me asking for help to map out a course, membership, digital product, or group program because something wasn't clear or being confidently communicated in their marketing. 

You simple cannot do you job well (and any subcontractors you hire can't do their job well) if you don't understand these pieces:

  • Why & how God has uniquely created you for this selling this offer
  • ONE problem your offer is going to solve
  • ONE solution or end result you are solving for them
  • Outcomes or transformative journey they experience along the way
  • Actions, lessons, and elements need to make those outcomes to happen
  • Resources that help them get unstuck during their journey
  • The experience they get from your offer 
  • And the ecosystem you are creating with your offer

And if it feels like there might be a few things missing from your offer or areas you haven't thought through, then say a quick praise because you are not alone and I'm going to show you how we fix that (and more!)

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