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The Faith & Funnels Podcast

The audio playbook for Christian Entrepreneurs who want to walk boldly in their God-given calling and build an online business with Biblical marketing strategies.

Click "listen to an episode" to find the trailer, this season's episodes, or read the short n' sweet version of the show notes. For access to the searchable hub of all the resources,  premium show notes with episode transcripts, bonus content, and other goodies click "JOIN THE VIP CREW".

Digital Offer Blueprint

Learn the essential parts of designing a God-honoring, profitable digital off that will attract your perfect-for-you buyer, turn them into a raving fan, and get them the results they've been Googling to find.

You can't sell with Moses-like confidence untill you become CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHAT you are being called to create and WHO you are uniquely positioned to serve. Even if you've already created your offer, this is a great tool to refine your offers too.

"This is a GEM! All Christian Entrepreneurs need this framework to create their course or product online." 

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