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Hey there beautiful new friend!

I am so glad that you've found this page because that means there is a MASSIVE calling on your heart 💖 to step out in faith 🙏 and share your incredible gifts 🎁 with the world. 

And it would be my pleasure to be there for every transformational moment, every challenge, tear, smile, and victory dance 🎉 along the way. 

My mission (and call on this earth!) is helping female entrepreneurs build a successful business and an intentional, joyful life by equipping them with the tools and support to: 

  • Silence their inner critic and ditch the pursuit of perfectionism for a life filled with grace and consistent growth
  • Create the perfect irresistible offer that will start or grow their email list and leave room to scale their own way
  • Replace their energy-draining 1:1 sessions or Done-For-You income with a life-giving recurring profit model that runs on autopilot
  • Market their offers in a way that feels intuitive, fun, and affordable

And I solemnly swear ⚡️ that you can achieve all of this WITHOUT emptying your bank account, hiring a big team, running Facebook ads, or using tools that dehumanize the sales process. 

👉👉 👉 Ready to get started? Watching the free workshop on The Bite-Size Offer System a great next step towards designing a wildly engaging experience that fills your list with a community of loyal supporters.

Available Products

{SPECIAL OFFER} Create + Launch Your Bite-Size Offer

The R.I.S.E. mastermind is an exclusive, 12-week "Done Together" LIVE experience to help entrepreneurs validate, create, launch, and optimize a digital product then turn it into an automated recurring profit system in a way that aligns with your life and heart. 

In 12 weeks, you will learn:

  • The exact method for creating an irresistible bite-size offer and super simple sales funnel 
  • All the strategies and tactics to market your offer without using Facebook ads or pushy sales tactics
  • A replicable process for pre-validating and launching your offers without spending hours on creating any content or lessons
  • The proper way to use freebies for building a list of ready-to-buy supports and making it easier to sell your paid offers

Annnndddd there will be plenty of opportunities to get 1:1 access to me (and some special guests) for feedback, accountability, and supported while you get your offer built-out.

{FREE WORKSHOP} How to build a profitable Bite-Size Offer funnel

Minimal-fluff, netflix-style workshop (pause and play whenever you want) with a printable planner to create your own Bite-Size Offer sales system.   

In just 60-minutes, you'll learn to:

  • Why you don’t need any of the fancy tools, tech, and vanity things to serve the people who NEED YOUR HELP
  • What to do instead of wasting your time and money recreating sales funnel strategies and launch plans that don’t align with your values
  • The two costly mistakes most digital product and course creators make and how to avoid them
  • The five critical pieces to focus on that will communicate value better than a flashy headline, graphics, or the price
  • Where and how to gather the insight for validating your offer while attracting your perfect buyer
  • The asset you already have for creating rock-solid traffic to your new offer (and it won’t cost you a thing)

And I'm including two bonuses so you will take action as soon as the training ends.

Book Me For A Day

You + Me + Everything I know about creating binge-worthy offers and a community of ready-to-buy followers in a format that is super actionable.

I only reserve a very limited number of spots every month so if this sounds like a good fit for you then hit "schedule your connection call" to fill out the application and schedule a quick no-obligation chat. 

Easy Peasy Release Plan

A strategic step-by-step plan for launching your next (or first) bite-size digital product,

This action plan uses a method that makes creating and selling your offers as easy as singing the ABC's by giving you a clear master checklist of exactly what to do and when to do it.

Comes with:

  • Easy to customize google excel sheet
  • A quick tutorial of how to use the plan
  • Instructions for adding the plan to your favorite PM tool
  • Lifetime updates

The best part is after using this plan you will have a repeatable process for creating offers on the fly. 

You can buy it now and when it's ready on October 1st you will be the first to know.

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