Template Pack of 55 Client Emails


Starting your business can be SUPER overwhelming but you can make it less stressful with pre-written canned emails that you can easily add to your client management system or email provider. 

We collaborated with another rockstar Dubsado user, Amber Brooks, who is a brand voice strategist and copywriter to develop a package of canned emails and copy templates for your questionnaires and proposals. 

This package comes to you as a 40-page word document so you can quickly customize it in your brand voice then copy/paste to use with your leads and clients today!

These were written for Dubsado users but can also be used with other CRM's (Honeybook, 17 hats, etc.) or added to your email system (gmail, outlook, etc.).

Package includes:

Send Contract
Send Invoice
Send Client Portal
Send Form
Contract Completed
Lead Capture- Thank you for inquiry
Lead Capture- Thank you/Media Kit
Thank You/Schedule a Call/Video
Thank You/Book Now/Proposal
Thank You/Intake Form
Thank You/Next Step
First Inquiry Follow-up
Second Inquiry Follow-up
Reminder of Discovery Call
Delivery of Proposal
Delivery of Proposal/Contract
Delivery of Proposal/Contract /Invoice
Delivery of Contract
Delivery of Contract/Invoice
Initial Invoice
First Follow Up
Second Follow Up
Welcome Email/Packet/Client Portal
Next Steps
Schedule Onboarding or Kick Off Call
Reminder of Call
Kick-Off Follow-up
Second Follow Up
Scope Creep Discussion
Amendments to the Contract
Schedule Meeting
Reminder of Weekly Meeting
Reminder of Monthly Meeting
Follow Up to MeetingMilestone Invoice
Draft Notification
Approval Needed Notification
Final Steps to Finish Project
Final Project Approval
Schedule a final review call
Send final invoice
Reminder of Call
Project Completion
Project Complete/Offer Other Services
Offer Other Services
Completion/Testimonial Request
Referral/Bonus Offer
30 Day Payment Reminder
14 Week Payment Reminder
7 Day Payment Reminder
5 Day Payment Reminder
1 Day Payment Reminder
Late Payment Notice
Late Fee/Late Payment Notice
Thank You for Your Payment
Thank You for Renewing Services
Contract Termination Notice – Breach (2 Weeks)
Contract Termination- breach (immediate)
Contract Termination Notice – end of term (2 weeks)
Contract Terminated Notice
Raising Rates Notification
Raising Rates Reminder

Questionnaire Suggestions
Testimonial Examples/Questions
Proposal Template (3 Pages)

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