The Ultimate Dubsado Starter Kit


Raise your hand if any of these sound like you...

  • I purchased Dubsado and it's been sitting there unused 
  • I logged into Dubsado and feel totally lost on where to start or what steps I should take next
  • I watched all the tutorials and feel like I'm spinning in circles 
  • I don't feel like I'm using Dubsado to it's full potential
  • My client processes feel messy and I'm not sure how to get organized

I've been there! And if someone who is a born 6 on the Enneagram (that means I'm a systems nerd) was overwhelmed by creating their business processes then it makes perfect sense that you are too.

Because here is the thing. Systems are not meant to happen overnight.

Dubsado is not meant to be a set-it-and-forget-it tool.

Creating a client experience worthy of your brand and purpose is hard-work. 

You don't need to do it alone. That is where having me as your friend comes in!

I help visionary entrepreneurs, like yourself, stop overthinking their business systems and develop strategies to profit sustainably. 

When you've finished your starter kit you will have:

  • Transformed your perspective to a systems-thinking approach
  • Uncovered the tools, resources, and tricks to build your operations
  • Mapped out your entire client journey and processes
  • Documented the entire process into a presentable format
  • Created a list of elements you need for your Dubsado setup
  • Gained the confidence to deliver a consistent client experience
  • Identified the key areas to automate without losing your personal branding style
  • Outlined the action items and deadlines to implement everything in a timely fashion 

Seriously, this is my jam.

I've pulled from some of the old-school classical coaching tools and mixed them with the creative elements I've developed over the last decade of being a coach, strategist, and mentor for entrepreneurs to form the perfect kit to jumpstart your success.

These are the exact same elements I've been using with my strategy session and done-for-you clients to develop their workflows before implementing them inside of Dubsado. I have spent hours evaluating, refining, and tweaking these elements to assist you in wowing your clients.

Here is what you get (or take a peek for yourself in the teaser module)

  • My 5 step framework to create a client process WITHOUT the overwhelm
  • A 20+ page client experience planner including
    • Worksheets to organize EVERYTHING you need for Dubsado
    • Prework pages to evaluate your business operations (new or old)
  • Word document with a comprehensive checklist of setup tasks
  • 3 How-To Tutorials Including:
    • How to create your own custom workflow map 
    • How to brainstorm your entire process
    • How to simplify + optimize your workflows
    • How to customize your checklist + implement Dubsado
  • Bonus Modules to:
    • Create an automated lead capture form with response
    • Prepare your inbox for client communication
  • Check-in's from me along the way to keep you on track + a few surprises that unlock along the way

This kit is the strategic guide on the HOW, WHY, and WHEN to set up each piece of your CRM while incorporating the strategies to accelerate your growth.

To have me do this for your business would cost $595 but I'm walking you through my exact methods + strategies for only $49. (It's silly how low that is, but it makes me soooo happy seeing entrepreneurs live a life they love that I knew I had to make it super affordable)

Let's do this together --- grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, click buy, and we'll whip your client process into shape!

Want a peak? Take a look at the teaser module. (coming soon)

P.S. Are you looking for done-for-you Dubsado Templates? Check out the Dubsado In-A-Box template + tutorial bundle which includes this kit as a bonus. CLICK HERE


The Starter Kit is on presale for $47 until 8pm CST February 8th

when it will increase to $97. Don't miss your opportunity.


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Take a peek at the kit

1 Lessons

We're walking through each of the products and bonuses. Come check it out!

View Teaser Module

5 Lessons

Learn about the B.A.S.I.C. method for workflow mapping success, get a walkthrough of Dubsado, learn about how to get support, and check off the "P" step in Dubsado Setup PERFECTION 


2 Lessons

Get everything you know on paper and start with fresh ideas to innovate and automate your business.


3 Lessons

Customize the client journey to your business and service offerings while learning what that means when adding those pieces to Dubsado.


1 Lessons

Optimize your workflows by evaluating your plan and reducing any challenges you might come against before they happen.


6 Lessons

Now that everything is mapped out, it's time to extract the Dubsado pieces and start keeping yourself accountable to get it all set up. You got this!


1 Lessons

A well-thought-out plan should always be reviewed from time to time. Check out the best tips for looking at your workflows each quarter.

BONUS: Automating your lead generation process

1 Lessons

Your Dubsado might not be done as "quickly" as you'd hope and in the meantime, you still need to fill your pipeline with potential clients. Learn how to automate your lead capture form and nurture those relationships.

BONUS: How to prepare your inbox for Dubsado

1 Lessons

You might have noticed you've been getting quite a bit of email from Dubsado. What if you could automatically filter those and keep your inbox Dubsado-free? 

What's the next step?

1 Lessons