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Easy Peasy Release Plan FAQ's


Is this $29 a month? Nope! It’s a ONE time payment of $29 which gets you access to X, and allllll those incredible bonuses!

Why is this soooo cheap!? Right?! It’s kinda ridiculous, really. But...I want this in as many entrepreneurs' hands as possible! The more digital products you sell, the more lives you change. Not only that, but I love giving you a TON of value upfront..and hopefully you’ll want to learn even more from me in the future! WIN-WIN.

How much time is required? I've seen people release their product over a weekend. Other's preferred to stretch it out over a few months. It's totally up to you. But if your asking how long it takes to start using this tool... From the time you open the spreadsheet to the time you start ticking off the tasks, it can be that quick! We even teach you our best-kept launching secrets and sales strategies to Boost Your Release and supercharge your profits. 

How fast can I expect to see results? While I don’t promise X or X , I can promise that your consistency will produce results over time.

I don’t have a facebook group, run ads, or have an email list? Will this work for me? No judgement here! I believe that  

I've already got checklists + launch plans from other marketers? Will this still work for me? I know there are a lot of project plans, systems, and programs out there. Believe me. I tried them. And they failed me! 

What if I’m not in the United States? Does this product still work? The spreadsheet works...wherever you are in the world! Holidays aren't usually a consideration when it comes to launching a product because regardless of the day - the launch must keep going. All deadlines have been set to be the same day every week (once you choose the best one for you). This allows you to get tasks done at your pace and work toward a batch of tasks each week. However, everything is customizable --- want to push out dates? You can make it happen. 

I’m a {coach, consultant, virtual assistant, copywriter, fitness instructor, accountant, web designer, physical product shop}. Is this product still applicable? This project management/launch task list is completely customizable to any business. We've designed with the most ideal (and most effective) strategies in mind but we've also made sure you can add your own tasks, ideas, and promo stuff where it makes sense for you. 
And don’t forget...I have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you find it difficult to make the Easy Peasy Release Plan work for your business needs.

Do I need any extra software for this to work? The only tool you need is an email marketing tool of your choice (I prefer Active Campaign). I have optimized this tool for MemberVault users but you could technically sell right out of a word doc or Trello board using the same concept. If you've already been using another learning platform - great, keep using what you have - if not, this is not the time to go down that rabbit hole. Anything else (landing page software, a website, social media graphics, slides, etc.) is optional - but absolutely not necessary ---- and in my opinion, will not affect your sales. 

Is there a community with the product? There is a community for anyone who has bought one of my products or programs. With this product you will have 30 days access to the group and an opportunity to stay for free for 6 months or pay the membership to stay. I do this because I want you to take action and not procrastinate getting your product out there. 

I've never sold a digital product or course. Will this work for me? If you have never sold a product or just started your business, don't worry - you're in good company! I'm teaching a totally different way of "launching" products so even experienced launchers are learning something new. Because I present it in an easy-to-use format and make sure you don't waste your time using the complicated strategies (i.e. multi-tiered offers, multiple level offers, tripwires, long form designed pages, etc.) until you have sold your product and are ready to invest in the bigger tactics, it’s great for beginners and pros alike.  
And don’t forget...I give you all the templates and resources to create, launch and sell your low-cost digital products with Bite-Size Offer Bootcamp 

Can I use this for launching {group programs, masterminds, live events, new software, etc}? Yes! Even though I made this with bite-size (mini or micro) offers in mind, it works for all types of digital product launches and even larger program launches! You might need to add some additional tasks/strategies but the method and tool stays the same.

Is everything available immediately? Yes! Instant access - just close out the purchase thank you page and dive right in. I'll also send you an email with links to the subscriber hub so you can easily find it later.

Do I need a special program to access the materials? You do need to use Google Sheets. We don’t provide excel, csv, pdf, or a Trello board (like other similar products on the market) because you wouldn’t be able to utilize the coolest parts of the product: the dynamic task list and promo calendar that incorporates your promo dates.  
Now, once you confirm your calendar, you could definitely export it as a csv file to import into a planning software or scheduling software or as a pdf to share with your team! But...the initial planning needs to be done in Google Sheets to use the tool to its fullest capacity!

How long can I keep it for? This tool has lifetime access to your version.

Can this be accessed without the Internet? Google files can be made available offline. Check out the Google Drive system to learn how!

What if it’s not what I expect? I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. I’m committed to bringing quality products to the market, so please reach out if you need help or have feedback!

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