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Praise + Testimonials

I am so pleased with the results of my launch. My mind is blown! Jamie helped me put all my ideas on paper, formulate what my offer would be, how I would release it, and the platform I used in an incredibly thoughtful way that my audience would respond to. She forced me to slow down and figure out what felt right for my business, for my brand, and not necessarily listen to the gurus until I was ready.

She made me feel like I could finally BREATHE because it felt doable and freeing. There was freedom in the plan that she created from what I had already sketched out.

Lindsey Johnson, Copywriter + Brand Strategist

You just saved me a lot of time having to try and figure my membership offer and it actually makes me want to sit down and spend time working on my business instead of in it.

Just knowing that I could go to you is invaluable because you are one of those very awesome females in my life who have so much knowledge and different perspectives on so many different topics.

Katie Armatoski, Social Media Curator

Jamie is an incredible wealth of information in this online business space. She's helped me to craft strategies to help grow my own business through automation and strategy... not the traditional things you'd think of either. Her expertise and eyes on my business helped me to streamline my offers and even onboarding process for clients. She's never shy when it comes to jumping in and tackling an issue either! Dare I mention her Voxer support is invaluable during those times of uncertainty as well.

Heather Farris, Pinterest Strategist + Manager

Jamie is an invaluable part of my business and I’d be lost without her. Whenever I need encouragement and clarity in the decisions I’m making for my business she is my go-to contact. 

She has a wealth of information and knows how to articulate exactly what I need to do to grow my business effortlessly.

Lena Forrey, Website Designer

These are testimonials from my past students and clients...

Although it's not the same topic it tells you about the type of teacher I am and how I get my community the results they desire.

Working with Jamie has been amazing. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. She gave me an idea to offer an audit as an opt-in and helped create the workflow so it makes for an amazing client experience. I already sold two! I am still tweaking and learning but she has been instrumental in helping me get my Dubsado account set up and I could never have done it without her. She also made suggestions for me going forward that I have marked on my calendar to add in the future. Thanks, Jamie! 

Karrie C.

This workshop was awesome! Jamie's expertise helped me re-think my onboarding process and how I can save myself time while also providing more value for my customers. Thanks Jamie!

Katie P

I struggled with my onboarding process! Joining Jamie's workshop helps me to organize and have a system for getting new clients. I learned a lot and I must say I'm confident now to onboard new clients! Thank you!

Anna S.

Jamie Russell put on this Five Day Challenge and it was such a hit with those of us that participated. I would do this type of challenge again the next time Jamie puts one together. She gave us all her secrets and made things so easy. I would recommend anything that Jamie puts out in the future. She was awesome!!

Linda H.

Jamie is an excellent teacher! She not only explains the set up well, she gives step by step instructions that helped me so much! If you are stuck with the setup of Dubsado, I recommend that you call Jamie, and save yourself A LOT of time! She is amazing!! Thank you so much :)

Monique H.

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