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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this teach me how to create a course?

Yes and no. You can take the same concepts and framework then apply it to the course creation process. The biggest difference is how much content you are teaching. Some bite-size offers aren't in a mini-course format or don't have an educational piece included with them.  

What kind of business is this program meant for?

Service-based business and coaching centered businesses do well. This also works for product-based businesses IF there is a digital component.

How is this program different from others that are similar? 

Most programs or products on low-cost offers or self-liquidating funnels are heavily focused on what I term "fancy" elements (pretty graphics, pretty landing pages, tech with a thousand different features) OR they tell you that you need to run Facebook ads to scale your offer OR their goal is for you to get your offer sold as quickly as possible to have a quick source of income.

This program is more about the long-game. The long-term scalability and profitability of your business. We focus on specific outcome-focused digital products that lead the buyer down a journey to being your most loyal fan. Fancy is great. We love a good sparkle around here. BUT we believe you need functionality and the ability to get your buyers the results they crave BEFORE putting a pretty bow on it. 

I don’t use Membervault, will this work for me?

Yes. I've had clients that don't use MemberVault and they have been able to apply the same tactics + strategies for their business. In the later, advanced, content we will be discussing gamification and this is where MemberVault really shines but you can usually recreate the same result with a bit of elbow grease.

Is the content available immediately?

No, it is not. All of the content is being dripped out according to a schedule and will be available week-to-week.

What if I’ve never sold anything?

That's totally okay. We are going to talk a lot about selling your offer, marketing it, attracting the right buyers, automating your traffic ---- anything you'd need to know to sell in the digital world. As long as you are willing to show up as your most genuine self then you will do great!

When will the live workshops be? 

That is going to depend on the group that registers. We will be asking you your preference in a questionnaire and then finalizing the schedule based on everyone's response. If you aren't available during the Livestream a recording will be available to watch and there is a Q/A during the week to ask additional questions about anything in the program.

How long will I need to dedicate each week to homework?

My goal is for it to be super easy for you to integrate into your busy schedule during the week. Outside of watching the workshop or attending the Q/A I'd put aside roughly 2 hours a week to complete assignments. I will also be giving everyone a flexible homework checklist where they can create their own deadlines and stick to a timetable that works for them.

When do we start? How long do I have access for?

We will kick-off with a welcome party the week of October 5th and the next week starts the live teaching workshops. Your access will not be removed and you will get all future iterations of the content once it has been packaged into mini-courses. 

What if I don’t have an audience to sell to?

The framework we're teaching you supports you to grow your reach and find what your audience wants BEFORE you put in the time developing your content. By learning their needs FIRST and showing up to serve them you can't NOT sell your digital product.

I’ve joined other masterminds/coaching program, how is this different?

Well, first there isn't a $5k price tag attached to the program. I might "coach" you but I prefer to be called a mentor and because of this the program is heavily weighed on the amount of effort you put into it. Because I am developing my own content during this program I won't be restricting the amount of time or energy I am personally puting into serving you and helping your business (baring a few boundaries here and there). 

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