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{FREE WORKSHOP} How to build a profitable Bite-Size Offer funnel A little bit about Jamie

A little bit about Jamie


Hi! I'm Jamie

And I want to help you live a Jesus-loving, joyful life by design.

I'm an overly-ambitious mama with a passion for serving other entrepreneurs as a coach (I prefer to say mentor), strategist, speaker and workshop presenter. 

Most days you will find me running my business from our hallway loft in the far west Chicago suburbs. Every day I feel blessed to have my tech-adverse husband Jaysen and our three kiddos - Garrett (10), Makenzie (9), and Elijah (4) supporting me through this crazy journey as an entrepreneur. 

I spent the first two years of my business doing everything the gurus/influencers/podcasts told me to do. I built an agency model. I was one of the highly sought-after pros. I had a steady stream of referrals and successful course launches. I've helped clients have 6-figure months and 5-figure launches. BUT I WAS MISERABLE. 

Every. Single. Moment. of my time was being dedicated to building my business and serving my clients that I wasn't able to spend time with my family - or when I did I couldn't enjoy it. I felt shameful telling my clients I took time away from helping them and I felt guilty for telling my kids I wasn't joining them at the dinner table. So I stopped listening to all the white-noise and started paving my own path using the knowledge I gained from working with my private clients. 

Were you looking for a more "official" bio? Here ya go, third-person and all!

Jamie Russell is a chai tea loving, servant-hearted, funnel and launch strategist who helps faith-driven, female entrepreneurs build a recurring profit system by transforming their God-led purpose into binge-worthy digital products and wildly engaging buyer experiences so they can live a Jesus-loving, joyful life by design.

Her signature framework focuses on equipping you with the tools and strategies to quickly create, release, and validate your offer in a way that gives you the freedom to grow at your own pace. On your own terms. Trusting the voice of God inside you to lead the way.   

You can find out more about the key to consistent passive income sales and reclaim control of your schedule at jamierussells.com. 

Jamie also loves to connect on Instagram @heyjamierussell where she shares the behind-the-scenes of her business, the ups, and downs of blended family parenting, her real-life god moments, and all her culinary adventures. 

A few fun facts about me...

  • My associate's degree is in Culinary Arts but I quickly realized I was born to be in business so I concentrated my bachelors on Entrepreneurship
  • I booked my first retainer client within 2 weeks of "launching" my online business then booked myself to the point of hiring subcontractors within the next 60 days 
  • When I met my husband 5 years ago I was not a Christian and thought dating a soon-to-be divorcee with 2 toddlers was the worst idea ever --- obviously, God had other plans
  • I plan on becoming certified as an Enneagram coach because I'm a firm believer that true success in life and business happens when you have mastered personal self-awareness (in case you were wondering I'm a 1w2)

There are a few things that I feel pretty passionately about when it comes to how I lead and how I serve my community:

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A little bit about Jamie

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