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Easy Peasy Release Plan

Easy Peasy Release Plan

Stop struggling with "what the heck do I need to do to sell my digital product" syndrome...

and start checking tasks off your list to release your offer to a ready-to-buy audience  

Selling your digital product shouldn't feel difficult or complicated!

All you need is my easy-peasy-release plan. 

The only launch plan generator that service providers are using to release their bite-size offer, smash through their sales goals, and grow an audience of ready-to-buy supporters in just 30 seconds.

IMAGINE what it would be like to:



Here's how it works:


The Easy-Peasy Release Plan allows you to enter in your "launch dates" and automatically creates a checklist of tasks, deadlines, and tips on the proven strategies for selling a digital product in a way that simultaneously builds (or starts) your email list.  

As a project manager, I spent years looking for a comprehensive list of tasks to launch a product and none of them were helpful to me or my clients trying to launch profitable courses and products. 

They were vague, confusing, and forced you to launch using expensive cookie-cutter tactics. 

So, I made what everyone always asks for -- a tool that will tell them what to do and when to do it. 

Unlike other launch plans this doesn't focus on running facebook ads, having a long launch runway, or designing sales pages (heck, you don't even need to have your product created yet)

The Easy-Peasy Release plan help you create a plan for releasing your digital product that makes sense for your lifestyle and is soething you

When you purchase the Easy Peasy Release Plan you get a supercharged project management tool (i.e. magical spreadsheet) that comes with:

1. Release Dashboard + Task Generator

2. Master Checklist of Tasks

After you've made a few decisions about your product release, a complete task list will generate FOR YOU. You can choose to take the tasks and add them to your favorite project management tool or use the spreadsheet to monitor task progress with color-coded labels, enter progress notes, or add your own tasks and due dates.

3. Promo Calendar View

4. Schedule of Emails  

5. Lifetime Updates 

The Easy Peasy Release Plan is easily worth over $X but I wanted to give you a few more things to help keep you organized and motivated to take action. So you will also get access to...

The Release Strategy Cheatsheet + Training Video

Offer One Sheet Template

MV Product Copy Deck

The Ready to RISE Society for 30 days (and a chance to stay for FREE) 

If you want to quickly launch a bite-size offer funnel that will attract loyal raving fans, create a cash injection (or new consistent income stream), and while building an audience of ready-to-buy supporters 

Then the Easy Peasy Release Plan is perfect for you!

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